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At Consultd, we believe in the transformative power of organizational cultures to create stronger, more cohesive communities. Our mission is to craft cultures that champion inclusive, emotionally intelligent leadership, fostering meaningful connections, loyalty, and ownership within teams.

Our methodology is rooted in understanding the human elements that drive organizational success. We leverage principles from psychology and adult learning to create customized solutions that resonate with your team members. By focusing on emotional intelligence and effective communication, we build stronger, more cohesive teams capable of navigating complex challenges and achieving outstanding results

We lead leaders through transformative journeys, instilling a sense of belonging and purpose. Our focus is on creating tangible, lasting results that strengthen connections and foster cohesion. By identifying recurring problems swiftly, we guide teams from idea to execution implementing inventive strategies for transformation for innovation. By leveraging best practices across various sectors, we collaborate to pinpoint bespoke solutions, championing the philosophy of working smarter, not harder. Our broad experience allows us to adapt proven strategies to guarantee your success.

Our team, with diverse global experiences, is ready to collaborate with individuals, corporations, charitable entities, and community groups. We bring a global perspective and a fervent desire to share successes and lessons learned, ensuring impactful and sustainable growth.




People drive change.red Scribble With over 15 years of experience across various sectors and continents, Tim Ducker has established himself as a seasoned independent consultant specializing in strategy, social impact, and cultural transformation. His extensive cross-industry expertise, combined with his international experience, enables him to lead and support diverse teams in implementing effective change.

As a certified coach, facilitator, and project manager, Tim utilizes a holistic approach that integrates organizational psychology, emotional intelligence, and advanced communication strategies. His dedication to social impact is evident through his consultancy with non-profits and his board roles at charitable organizations. Tim's experience has spanned multiple industry sectors from multi-national F500 corporations to national non-profit organizations, serving across various roles and functions including Operations, Programs, Business Development and Corporate Strategy.

Tim's leadership philosophy prioritizes authenticity and vulnerability, leading to increased employee engagement and positive workplace cultures. His commitment to creating positive change and fostering collaboration is reflected in his work with diverse teams globally.

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